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Jul. 31, 2023

Rajasthani Safed Maas is a mutton-based gravy that has a luscious texture and royal white colour derived from fresh cream, yogurt, khoya and dry fruits.
Safed Maas (White Meat) is from Rajput cuisine, royally rich in meat preparations, especially game such as wild boar, hare and game birds. One of these mogul preparations is the Safed Maas (white meat), a traditional Rajasthani delicacy and is a must-eat for every foreign traveler. The secret of its grand taste is in the gravy, which in turn is a perfect amalgamation of onion, ginger, garlic paste, salt, pepper, cashew nut paste and cardamom. Today we are doing with Mutton, Safed Maas is a truly decadent version of a Korma and can be termed as Royal Lamb Korma for the royal households of Rajasthan.


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