Lettuce Wrap


Lettuce wrap is a snack or a type of sandwich with two large leaves of lettuce (and no bread) containing filling in between.  The sandwich is also sometimes called as lettuce sandwich although the term is a broader one to referring to bread sandwich containing lettuce in the filling. The recipe for making the wrap is not a standard one and popular recipes include Thai Lettuce Wrap, Asian Lettuce Wraps, Barbecued Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps, shrimp lettuce wraps and lamb lettuce wraps.



History of Lettuce sandwich


The origin of this wrap is contemporary to that of the lettuce sandwich with the mention of the sandwich made in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine in 1894. Lettuce wrap was common across United Kingdom and United States in the early mid 20th century wherein it was served during luncheons and at schools in which they are prevalent even today.



Ingredients Used and Methods of Preparation in Lettuce wrap recipe


The common ingredients used in making the wrap include large lettuce leaves, chopped or sliced onions, tomatoes, chicken, garlic, chicken, chili peppers and a dressing or seasoning. The filling is prepared by mixing, tossing or sometimes cooking the ingredients such as chicken after marinating. Over a plate the lettuce leaves are spread over which the filling is arranged and the thus prepared lettuce wrap can be served with a garnish of cheese optionally. The meat used in the recipe can be a chicken, lamb, beef or fish. The varieties of lettuce used in the wrap can also be varied and the common ones include iceberg, broad and strong leaves of romaine, red leaf or little bitter escarole.



Serving and Eating


The wrap is served in open style with the filling not covered and showing up spread across the lettuce leaves. In Thai and certain Asian styles the filling is wrapped completely with the lettuce leaves and served. They can serve as good snacks for tailgate meals and picnics although must be packed in good quality food wrap foil. They donot last long and must be consumed quickly enough.



Popular Lettuce wrap recipe Variations


  • Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wrap is where the wrap consists of a filling of sauted spiced and marinated chicken breast.
  • Thai Lettuce Wraps with Cilantro are lettuce wraps consisting of sauted mixture of chopped minced beef and seasonings.
  • Black Bean and Cheese Lettuce Wrap is a filling rich with black beans, cheese, chopped onions, rice, dressing and cheese.
  • Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap consists of Asian varieties of onions, seasonings and herbs for the filling.
  • Lettuce Wraps with Chili Peanut Noodles consists of bean thread noodles, peanut butter, seasonings and sauces such as soy sauce.



Health and Nutrition Facts


Lettuce wrap is commonly rich with elements such as opiate-based chemicals present in lettuce that enhance good sleep acting as remedy for insomniacs. The wrap particularly the vegetarian one greatly augments weight reduction.





The wrap is culturally associated as a metaphor indicating any uninteresting or unwelcome thing or event. It is also an idiom for poverty and dismal state in life.