Thumbprint Cookie


A thumbprint cookie is a handmade cookie, pressed with the thumb in the center and filled with jam. This holiday cookie is also known as butter ball or Polish tea cake. It is enjoyed as a snack item and this dish has many variations. The bread like dough is rolled into balls and an indentation is created in the center with the thumb. The ball is then rolled in coconut or chopped nuts. The jam is either filled while baking the cookies or after it has been baked. Filling the jam while baking may cause leakage and some people prefer to add the jam later.


History of the Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

There is a considerable amount of dispute about the origin of these thumbprint cookies. It is believed that the Jews from East Europe invented them. However, the other belief states that, these cookies were first produced in Poland. They have become extremely popular all over the world and make for a perfect snack item. These cookies were also known as birds nest cookies or butter balls.


Ingredients and Preparation Method of Thumbprint Cookies

The ingredients include sugar, eggs, baking powder, all purpose flour, salt, pecans, hazelnuts, jam, margarine, coconut, nuts and vanilla.


Small balls are required to be formed with the dough consisting of all the ingredients. The balls are usually rolled in coconut shavings or chopped nuts. The thump print cookie is baked after filling the indentation created in the center with jams or preserves.


The thumbprint cookies recipe has many variations and the above mentioned ingredients may be substituted with other ingredients. The optional ingredients include brown sugar or chocolate instead of white sugar. The center filling may include chocolate fills or toffee or pumpkin butter instead of jam or preserves.The preparation method remains the same. Some people prefer to add the filling after baking in order to prevent breakage or leakage.


Serving Style

These cookies are browned while baking and coated in nuts or coconut. Typically, they do not require additional garnishing. Adding some additional fresh jam in the center  makes the cookie look more appealing.


Health and Nutritional Value of Thumbprint Cookies

This dish is high in calories and not a good choice for people on diet. However, it contains eggs and flour which are nutritious. There are approximately 100 calories in these cookies.