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Thai Fried

Thai fried refers to a variety of fried rice and in some cases even noodles. For rice, it is often referred to as Thai fried rice whereas for noodles it is called Thai fried noodles. However, the Thai term for rice is khao pad and for noodles it is known as pad thai. Thai fried recipes basically mean stir frying the rice or noodles and it can be prepared in a number of variations. Some of the most common variants include fried rice cooked with pork, chicken, shrimp, and crab or with vegetables. Thai fried rice is quite different from the Chinese fried rice since this is prepared from Jasmine rice instead of the long rice grains. Besides containing meat, the Thai fried recipe also includes other ingredients such as onions, eggs, coriander and tomatoes. Even the Pad Thai noodles which also happens to be one of Thailand's national dishes is prepared in a similar manner and is usually garnished with coriander, lime and crushed peanuts. The recipes for both the Thai fried dishes may vary from region to region depending on specific tastes and preferences; however, the basic character is that both the dishes are stir-fried.