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Top 5 Food Preparation Techniques

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Derek Allen talks about 5 different but essential tips that one must pay attention to for a delicious meal and for fast and efficient cooking:

• Knife skills are very important. If your items are cut and diced into consistent pieces, they look better, cook consistently and have a great plate and eye appeal.
• Make sure you have everything before you start cooking. Don’t fumble halfway through the recipe because of missing ingredients. Line your ingredients and kitchen tools up properly before you start cooking. As the French call it, have everything ‘mise en place’ – everything in its own place.
• Keep your pantry well stocked. It doesn’t mean you have to have every herb and spice from around the globe. Think of the stuff that you like in your dish, ingredients that you use most or want to try out. Keep your pantry well stocked with often used and your favorite ingredients.
• Give top priority to cleanliness in the kitchen and food safety. You don’t want anyone getting sick after tucking in a well cooked meal. Follow safety instructions and rules especially while cooking animal products that are perishable and prone to bacterial infestation.
• Plan and go over your dinner or lunch preparation. Time your cooking to the arrival of the guests and keep every item prepped up and ready to be served so that everything goes smoothly without stressing you out.

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Essential Techniqiues for Fast and Efficient Cooking
Derek Allen talks about 5 different but essential tips that one must pay attention to for a delicious meal and for fast and efficient cooking.

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I found this quite helpful.... it really gives you some good ideas.
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Good tips. It is important to be organized and have a good idea of the basic requirements for a smooth cooking session. Very helpful indeed thks for sharing the video.
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Systematic food preparation is the key to kitchen efficiency. Thanks for the knife skills. We generally tend to overlook them.
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Lining up the ingredients while cooking - yeah this is a must follow tactic, which I keep telling my hubby.. when preparin his experimental dishes I can hear the voice - "where s the pepper/salt/sugar".. phew by the time he finishes cookig - the kitchen looks as if a twister raided it.. ;)... another thing worth sticking on to is the timing - this plays quite an important role in the taste of the dish..
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An organized approach always helps, especially in the is one of the reasons why I like cooking in my kitchen and not anywhere else..great tips
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following the philosophy behind this french phrase is indeed impotant, as is keeping one's knives sharp. A dull knife can be potentially dangerous and cause injury if it slips and veers away while cutting especially tough vegetables!
Top 5 Food Preparation Techniques Video, Essential Techniqiues For Fast And Efficient Cooking