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Chive Sauce

Chive sauce is a garlicky flavored condiment prepared using chive, which is the smallest vegetable in the species of onion family. This garlicky sauce is teamed with wide variety of foods and is sometimes used as a flavor enhancer in some vegetable based dishes. This sauce is an integral part of traditional Swedish dinner. It is also popular in other European countries too. This garlicky sauce is sold in jars across some selected grocery stores in Europe.

The chives are cleaned, chopped and mixed with vinegar, yogurt or sour cream to make a sauce. The choice of flavor enhancers may vary depending on the taste preferences of an individual.

Chive Sauce Preparations

  • Gradfii Sauce – This is a sour cream –chive sauce generally served with the herring dish during the midsummer celebrations in Sweden. The lilac colored flowers of the sauce are used for garnishing the dishes. This sauce is prepared by infusing chives with the mixture of whipping cream, crème fraiche and butter. Sometimes caviar is also infused in this sauce. Chive stems and flower are used to prepare the sauce. It is also teamed with boiled potatoes or other snacks. Other than herring fish this sauce is also teamed with salmon and meatballs.

  • Remoulade – This is a popular condiment in many European countries and it is often perceived as a substitute for tartar sauce. According to French gastronomical encyclopedia this sauce is prepared by infusing capers, chives, cornichons and anchovy essence into the mayonnaise. The chives are sometimes opted out in the sauces prepared in Louisiana and other regions.

  • Chive Mustard Sauce – This is a very popular condiment in many European and American countries. The chives are infused into the combination of dry mustard, unsalted butter, distilled white vinegar, sugar and salt. It is an essential condiment on dinner tables across many European homes because it can be quickly prepared and also offers host of other health benefits.

  • Chive Garlic Sauce – This sauce is generally served chilled with dishes like crab cakes, fritters and other snacks. This creamy sauce is prepared by infusing the chives with sour cream and garlic. Its sour flavor is achieved by addition of lemon juice or few drops of vinegar. Sometimes sour cream is replaced with light mayonnaise.