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Also Known as: : A Better Way To Cook
If you are a great foodie, then this video is a must. Here you will get to know the better way to cook your food. Enjoy!!

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Is that you? Really funny...Great concepts you're coming up with...keep them coming!
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Love the guys voice, who is it?
startcooking's picture
Totally delightful video! And the "star" is utterly charming and totally real!
Lauren.Groveman's picture
So funny (and fun to watch)! Really enjoyed it.
Snigdha's picture
Its awesome. Shows exactly what happens when one is trying to follow a cookery show on t.v simultaneously!!!!
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CookingMyWay's picture
Well done! I'm still laughing over this one... :) Nikko
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Srividya Kumar Iyer Hahahaha Shri Is that you it was very funny.
Ifood.Tv Promotion Video, : A Better Way To Cook