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Popsicle is the highest selling brand of ice candy or ice pop. There are more than 30 products under this brand name. Cherry is one of the highest selling flavours. The other flavours are orange, pineapple, grape, rainbow, lime, etc. The shape of the candy is variable from tubular, conical, rectangular, etc. They have a stick made of birch wood.


Popsicle was invented by Frank Epperson in the year 1905. He was only 11 years only and accidently invented the ice pop. He accidently left his drink made from soda mix and water along with a stirring stick in a small glass outside his house. The temperature recorded low and the drink has frozen with the stick still in. He called this ‘epsicle’. This ice pop became very popular amongst his friends and eventually his own kids who called it ‘pop’s sicle’. It was only in 1923 that he commercially launched it in California. In 1924, he registered a patent for his frozen confectionary.

The right to the brand were sold to New York based Joe Lowe Company in 1925. Today the brand ‘Popsicle’ is owned by Good Humor, a subsidiary of Unilever.

Ingredients and Preparation

Popsicle was traditionally made with sugar, artificial color and flavor. They were frozen in ice pop moulds along with a birch wood candy stick.

In 2006, popsicles with natural flavor and color were introduced. A sugar free variant also introduced for weight watchers and dieters.


Creamsicle – It is a frozen dessert with a vanilla ice cream centre and a coating of flavoured ice. 14th August is the National Creamsicle Day in America.

Fudgsicle – It is low fat and chocolate flavoured.

Air heads – They are two flavoured with a horizontal division.

Firecrackers – It is a rocket shaped popsicle specially for American Independence.

Snow cones – It is similar to shaved ice in a cone.

Cartoon characters – Dora, Iron man, sponge bob and spider man shaped popsicles have been made to attract kids.

Similar Products

Italian ice – Italian ice is made with the procedure similar to ice cream and is scooped and served in a cup.


· Approximately two billion popsicles ice candies are sold over a year.