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Fruit Pizza

Fruit Pizza is a delicious dessert pizza with irresistible fruity toppings that is simply loved by children. This dessert popularly figures in party menus in interesting incarnations. Some of them are very appealing, not only to the tongue, but also to the eye.

Ingredients of Fruit Pizza

The fruit Pizza differs entirely in composition from the normal savory pizza. The crust is made of cookie dough (preferably the sugar cookie dough which is the best) unlike the conventional Italian Pizza that has a crust made of bread dough. Shortbread dough and one with nuts and fruits are also not used as they are difficult to work with. The crust is creamed and slices of fruit are arranged on it. Some flavoring syrups can also be poured on the pizza for added taste. The dessert is topped in different interesting ways for parties and the imagination of the decorator is the only limiting factor then.

Cream cheese and heavy cream frosting is also tried along with chocolate ganache, chocolate syrup, and caramel sauces dressing. Natural fruit, such as apples, grapes, oranges, berries, pears etc. are used on the sweet bake. However these tend to make it soft and soggy compelling one to eat it as soon as it is made.

Popular Fruit Pizza Recipes

Berry Fruit Pizza, Tart Apple Pizza, Mini Apple Pizza and Bagel Fruit Pizza are some of the popular fruit pizza recipes.