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Hanukkah Dinner

Hanukkah dinner is a festive occasion for all Jews and lasts for eight long days. A Hanukkah dinner is certain to include a lot of fried food stuffs and is hence considered to be time to gorge on favorite tid-bits. An overtly formal meal is not prepared painstakingly by following the various Hanukkah dinner recipes on this occasion, the people gather and prefer snacking and having their fill of candies instead.

History of Hanukkah Dinner

The festival of lights has its roots in the open revolt led by the Jews against their persecutors. The sacred Temple was lit by means of a little olive oil which miraculously kept burning for eight days. The name, Hanukkah is derived from dedication and the people of Jewish faith commemorate the miracle by eating fried food prepared by following the Hanukkah dinner recipes. A Hanukkah dinner thus has two components a fried platter as well as a sweet dish to celebrate the victory achieved after a long struggle.

The introduction of cheese as a part of the Hanukkah dinner occurred much later in the Middle Ages when Judith, the beautiful widow, beheaded the Babylonian chief thus freeing the Jews from being prisoners once again.

The Concept of Hanukkah Dinnerin Different Cuisines

Jews all across the world stand united when they get together for the Hanukkah dinner which is considered to be incomplete without the quintessential Latkes or fried pancakes.

The Sufganiot or the jelly doughnuts are particularly favored in Israel while the Bimuelos or puffed honey cakes are a must for the celebratory Hanukkah dinner amongst the Jews of the Mediterranean region particularly Spain, Turkey and Greece.

Popular Hanukkah Dinner Recipes

Hanukkah dinner recipes recommend starting the Hanukkah dinner with Latkes and fried Fritters before going on to the main course of Beef Brisket and ending it all with Blintzes or sugary cookies. Side dishes of Salmon, roast chicken and additional desserts in the form of Sufganiot are always welcome though.

Hanukkah Dinner: Trivia

The game of dreidel alludes to the miracle of Hanukkah and is played with Chocolate coins or Peppermint drops.