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Fortune Cookie Day

Fortune cookie day or national fortune cookie day falls on the 20th day of July. The famous Chinese origin cookie, fortune cookie, which was popularized by the Americans, has a special day dedicated to it which the Americans celebrate annually.

Fortune cookie is a crisp cookie which has a slip with a message, thought to be fortune, in it. These are mostly served by Chinese restaurants at the beginning, as appetizers or end of the meal, as desserts.

Celebrating Fortune Cookie Day with Fortune Cookie Day Recipes

On national fortune cookie day people make fortune cookies using the special fortune cookie day recipes that are circulated via emails or magazines. The national fortune day recipes are creative and unusual which use flavors like green tea, chocolate, fruits, etc. Although these are difficult to make at home they can be enjoyed at restaurants serving them.

The restaurants seem to make the most of fortune cookie day by offering different flavored fortune cookies which have special discounts printed on them as fortune for the guests. The restaurants get creative by whipping up some special fortune cookie day recipes using extraordinary combinations of flavors.

History of the Fortune Cookie Day

Although Fortune cookies are associated with Chinese food and commonly served at Chinese restaurants, there is nothing Chinese about them. It seems these were created by someone in California using a Japanese cracker recipe and it went on to be popularized as Chinese while highly consumed by the Americans. Like most national foods days, the history of fortune cookie day is also quite unclear.