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Gaglioppo,one of the popular grapes, that is used in preparing red wine, is also called by various other names like Aglianico di Cassano, Gaglioppa Nera, Arvino, Gagliuoppo, Galaffa, Galloppo, Lacrima Nera, Lancianese, Maghioccu Nero, Magliocco Tondo, Maioppa, Montonico Nero, etc. The color of the grape is deep purple, which almost appears like black grape, and the wine that’s produced is highly strong. A light colored Gaglioppo wine with flavors of mixed berries and licorice is produced with the help of Gaglioppo variety of grapes.

The growth of the Gaglioppo vine takes place in a very good way in hot climate, including the drought climatic conditions; however the growth of this grape is vulnerable to peronospera and oidium. The wine that is produced by Gaglioppo variety of grapes is rich in tannins (where tannin is a brown or yellow compound found in some plants) and alcohol. Full bodied wine is produced with the help of this grape variety which is at times mixed with 10% of white wine to enhance its flavor and taste.

Gaglioppo Wine - Origin of the Grape

According to recent research, which makes use of DNA profiling, Gaglioppo is said to have its origin in Italy; however, earlier it was assumed to have Greek origin.

Regions Growing Grapes of Gaglioppo Wine

Gaglioppo,the grape variety that is used in preparing the red wine, is primary grown near Calabria, in south Italy, where the climate is dry and hot which is very well suited for this type of grape. Normally these grapes, which produce red wine, get ripened in the later part of season, i.e. in the month of October.

Ageing Process of Gaglioppo Wine

Considerable amount of time is required to allow the Gaglioppo grapes toget softened in character, so that full bodied and highly alcoholic wine with medium level of acidity and high sugar level is produced.