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Granola aptly represents the breakfast/snack choices of the modern health conscious generation. This cereal has become a popular adventure food because campers, hikers and bikers resort to it due to its nutritional values, and easy storage options. The cereal is also used as the topping for pastries and desserts and also add to the food value of desserts. The normal granola recipe has very loose breakfast cereal consistency and the bars are prepared by pressing and baking the cereal. The granola recipe and its bar recipe speak of same ingredients but these vary in their shapes and textures.

The cereal bars have attained cult popularity in Canada and United States. These bars are favored and savored due to their nutritional benefits. Chewy bar is an interesting variation of the granola recipe which has extra chewy texture than any other cereal bar. A breakfast bar similar to this cereal bar exists in UK and Germany and it is called flapjack or muesli bar.

History of Granola
In USA during the 19th century, two trademarked terms Granola and Granula were used to depict the whole grain food products which were crumbled and baked crispy. This surged ahead of the contemporary invention muesli due to its flexibility to mingle with sweeteners and adaptability to baked cooking practices. Dr. James Caleb Jackson introduced granula for the first time in 1894 at Jackson Sanitarium. Actually Jackson Sanitarium operated as the spa, but it took upon the business of selling the Jackson cereal and remodeled itself “Our Home Granula Company”. Granula was prepared using graham flour.

John Harvey Kellogg also developed his own version of the cereal on the lines of granula and named it granola. The food and name was reinvented in 1960’s and it became synonymous with the hippie movement because the fruits and nuts were added to the cereal. During that time, several food manufacturers appeared on scene claiming to have reinvented their cereals. One such manufacturer was Layton Gentry, who pressed the claims through his cereal called Johnny Granola-Seed. Layton Gentry sold the rights of the granola recipe using oats to Sovex Natural Foods in 1964. After many mergers and business deals the first commercial granola was introduced to customers by Jim Matson in 1972. His cereal was trademarked under the name of Heartland Natural Cereal. Around the same time, food giants like Quaker and Kellogg’s also splashed into the scene with their version of this famous breakfast cereal.

Granola Recipe– Suggested Ingredients
A simple granola recipe calls for ingredients like oats, honey, nuts, and rice, and these ingredients are baked till they turn crispy. During the baking process the mixture is stirred continuously to maintain the loose-breakfast cereal consistency. The cereal is often served with honey, strawberries, milk, bananas, yoghurt and other forms of cereal. The granola recipe with flax seed is normally referred for curing digestive ailments.

Popular Granola Recipes

  • Light fruit and nut granola: The food experts suggest this recipe is used for making fast breakfast. Flaxseeds, pecans, and spelt are used in the preparation of this delicious breakfast.
  • Toasted Quinoa Granola: The flax seed and quinoa are treated with cinnamon-flavored maple syrup and toasted in the oven till they turn crispy.
  • Dee's Dark Chocolate Granola: This chocolate and peanut butter granola is served for breakfast and is suggested as the suitable substitute for curbing the sugar cravings.
  • Summer Berry Parfait with Yogurt and Granola: This delicious granola recipe serves good for breakfast and can be halved and enjoyed as the snack. It is mostly served with frozen or fresh strawberries and blue berries.
  • Cherry, Almond and Cinnamon Granola: This delicious granola recipe bowls everyone with its healthy charm. It is prepared by baking coconut, oats, almonds, cherries and nuts. It can be served as the mid day snack.

Serving and Eating Granola
Granola bar tastes good when served with handful of raw oats with honey on the top. If the regular granola recipe seems boring then fruits and butter can be added to the boiling water for creating an exciting breakfast punch or the regular recipe can be improvised with the addition of fruits, nuts and milk. The cereal can taste wonderful even if taken straight out of the bag; however it can be added to some foods to enhance their taste values. This cereal can be sprinkled on fruits and introduced to the bowl of greens and can be served during the lunch and dinner in place of the regular salad. The cereal also makes a great stuffing to the turkey. Granola can be stored for a long time.