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Crash My Kitchen

Crash My Kitchen is a wonderful cookery show which has been designed to open more avenues in the culinary industry. The way of using the available ingredients and food stuff in a creative manner, so as to come out with wonderful and amazing dishes has been described in this food show. An individual is brought to a world of numerous culinary possibilities with the help of this show. Crash My Kitchen combines daring and courageous intervention of “What Not To Wear” with the comic support of “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy”.

Attractive Features of the Show

Crash My Kitchen explains every minute detail with respect to culinary world like shopping, cooking and dining experience.

A new meaning can be given to the kitchen of the home chef by way of implementing the techniques and skills discussed in the show.

The interesting and innovative culinary styles revealed in Crash My Kitchen forces the home maker to abandon all the old habits of cooking, thus incorporating a unique style of cooking. The entire kitchen palette has given a new perspective, thus encouraging and motivating an individual to experiment and explore new ways and methods of cooking various dishes and transform the old traditional cooking styles into new and creative ones.

Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, stylist Jasmine Baker, and team of food therapist Lisa Helmanis sit together for customizing and altering the menu to come up with a unique and creative style.

"The Real-Life Hero" of the show, Crash My Kitchen, is led by Chef Corbin through the makeover menu plan by adopting a few simple and creative techniques and styles thus transforming the boring dish and the Hero of the show into culinary champ.

Crash My Kitchen is shot in a funky and quick style. The humor and practical information are the two major appealing features of the show.