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Cookus Interruptus

Cookus Interruptus is a web cooking show which basically teaches how to cook organic whole food. This show is different from most cooking shows, as there is a fictional plot involving the main cook Cynthia and other characters, and in the course of the enactment of the story, many things related to cooking whole organic foods are taught.It is also different as most cooking shows revolve around preparing different food recipes but this show teaches various other cooking related activities such as chopping certain foods, removing vanilla extract from vanillin and others.

History of the Show

Cookus Interruptus was written and conceptualized by Cynthia Lair and Brad Huskinson, who are partners in Cookus. While Lair is an actress and a nutritionist and author, in addition to her vast experience of teaching at Bastyr University, Huskinson is a commercial director, both based at Seattle. The two had together produced a plot on cooking show with whole organic foods, in the 1990s. However, the show did not materialize, being too ahead of its time. In 2008, the two again launched the show as a web cooking show, and it gained popularity among the netizens, instantly.

Show Format

Cookus Interruptus is a comedy cooking show with a sitcom background. The show has a basic plot with Cynthia as the central character, whose husband Steve and daughter Jane have taken a sabbatical from their work. During this period of economic crisis they are joined by Steve’s parents – Ward and Doris – and Steve’s friend, Darrell. Cynthia, playing herself, accepts the proposal to do an online cooking show in her home, with all the other characters causing the “interruptions”, as in our daily lives.

With the above plot in the background, Cynthia demonstrates various recipes with local organic food and videos are also shot on various ‘how tos’ related to cooking and educating the viewers with other nitty gritties of daily cooking. The plot has been made yver humorous to make it interesting for the viewers and also to make them easily absorb all essential nutrition information. The various characters acting on the show are Lair’s colleagues from The Edge Improv, a popular comedy play.


  • Cookus Interruptus has a five year mission – to explore local whole organic food recipes and provide nutrition information to families.
  • Cynthia Lair is an assistant professor and culinary director at Bastyr University and School of Natural Medecine.
  • Cynthia Lair has also authored many books including Feeding the Whole Family.
  • Popular actors such as Frank Buxton, Matt Smith, Troy Mink, Jamie Lopez and Derek Kavan have played various characters in the videos.

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