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Fizzy drinks are the beverages which contain soda water. Fizzy beverages may or may not be alcoholic and also, may or may not contain flavoring agents or taste imparting ingredients, even though most drinks are flavored, sweetened and aromatic. The fizzy drinks are characterized by the fizz or the bubbles in them, which is caused by the air bubbles or air globules in the water. The highly fizzy drinks give out a mild hissing noise when poured and often these fizzy drinks develop a thick frothy layer on the top, usually observed in soft drinks. To preserve the fizz or the carbonation of the drink, often a fizz keeper is used to seal the air bubbles in the bottle containing the beverage.

Some of the most popular fizzy drinks are sparkling water, cream soda, root beer, ginger ale, sparkling lemonade and orange soda.

Popular Fizzy Recipes

These are some of the best known fizzy beverages –

Fizzy Fruit Slush– This bubbling drink owes all its fizziness to the carbonated soda used in making it. One of the most refreshing fizzy drinks for the sunny summer months, this fruit slush is prepared with fruit concentrates and purees. The ingredients needed for this beverage are unsweetened pineapple juice, water, frozen orange juice concentrate (thawed), pureed banana, honey and chilled lemon – lime carbonated beverage. The pineapple juice, orange juice, banana, honey and water are then all combined thoroughly and frozen till firm. This firm mixture is then thawed to bring into a slushy consistency and to add the fizz, the lemon carbonated drink is finally added to it and it finally becomes one of the most delicious fizzy drinks.

Gin Fizz Cocktail– This cocktail is counted amongst the top fizzy drinks. This alcoholic carbonated drink uses gin, lemon juice, chilled club soda, crushed ice and lemon rind as the main ingredients. The gin, lemon juice and soda are mixed together in a glass and gently stirred. After that, drink is garnished with the lemon rind and served. The bubbles or the cause of the fizz in the drink is the club soda used in it. This happens to be one of the most preferred fizzy drinks in the bachelor parties.

Orange Fizz– This delicious fizzy juice in orange flavor is a crowd favorite. One of the easiest fizzy drinks to make, the orange fizz is prepared with the orange juice as its base ingredient. The best way to make this drink is to use frozen and thawed orange juice and mix it with some amount of blackcurrant syrup. To this juice mixture, effervescent lemonade should be added. It’s the last ingredient that makes the drink frothy and makes it one of the most favored fizzy drinks.

Orange Tangerine Fizz– One of the sweetest tasting fizzy drinks around, this calorie packed juice owes all its fizziness to the soda added in it. This tangerine orange based drink contains 100 percent fruit juice with the addition of the carbonated water and this makes it one of the most popular fizzy drinks around.

Fizzy Water with Orange and Vanilla– One of the simplest fizzy drinks, the fizzy water is a perfect summer cooler and digestive aid. This drink can be either made with club soda or seltzer water. One can even use fizzy mineral water for making this drink. In this simple recipe, the fizz based water is mixed with some orange juice and vanilla essence.

Pomegranate-Key Lime Vodka Cocktail– One of the most versatile alcoholic fizzy drinks, the effervescence in this cocktail is directly contributed by the club soda which is the key ingredient of this beverage. The recipe uses ingredients like sugar, club soda, unsweetened pomegranate juice, water, vodka and fresh key lime juice. For this fizzy drink, sugar and water are boiled to make sugar syrup which is then mixed with all the ingredients in a martini shaker. This cocktail turns out to be one of the most drank fizzy drinks during the festivals.

Fizzy Fruit Drink– This fruit juice packs in a lot of effervescence or gas bubbles as it includes the club soda in its recipe. This easy-to -ake bubbly drink is prepared with ingredients like orange juice, pineapple juice and orange sherbet. Fundamentally all the ingredients are combined together and whisked. Then, the fizz is brought about by adding the soda water to the whisked juice mixture.

Berry Vodka Spritzers– One of the best known fizzy drinks in the world of cocktails, this spritzer can be easily prepared with ingredients like limes, sugar, club soda, blueberries, raspberries and ice. First, the juice is extracted out of the limes and to this lime juice sugar, berry flavored vodka and the berries are added and poured over the ice. The frothy feel or the fizzy feel of the cocktail is then introduced in the recipe by pouring the club soda in pitcher containing the mixture.