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Stomach Ulcer Diet

Stomach ulcer diet is a planned diet for the people suffering from stomach pain and inflammation, generally termed as peptic ulcer. Stomach pain accompanied with gastric problem is the main symptom of stomach ulcer that can be effectively treated by following a balanced diet that is easily digestible and light on stomach.

Peptic ulcer, gastric ulcer or more commonly stomach ulcer can be defined as a break in the stomach lining that leads the digestive juices to enter the stomach and cause damage to the tissues found usually under the thin lining. Vomiting, pain and bleeding are common during this situation. In order to avoid these harsh conditions it is quite essential to adopt a healthy eating diet that is carefully designed by the experts.

Stomach Ulcer Diet: Recommendations

Diet is one of the main factors responsible for causing stomach ulcers. However, consumption of certain drugs, excess alcoholism and severe infections may also upset the stomach. There are certain foods that aggravate the problem; hence they should be avoided by the sufferers. For stomach ulcer patients, it is quite essential to keep the following points in mind:

  • Digestive system is highly affected in this situation; therefore proper care should be taken while eating food. The foods that cause digestion problems and irritation to the stomach should be either restricted or completely eliminated from the diet.
  • Acidic foods are extremely harmful for stomach ulcers. The consumption of such foods should be limited or stopped.
  • Gastric foods should also be restricted as they may cause heartburn and that is not a good sign in stomach ulcer.
  • A fiber rich diet is tremendously helpful to ease the problem. Fresh fruits and vegetables with peel are highly recommended.
  • Fried and spicy foods should be restricted. These foods cause irritation in the stomach and also disturb the digestive system.
  • Drinks containing caffeine are not allowed in such situation as caffeine is not suitable for the broken stomach lining. Colas, tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages are the examples of such drinks. Alcoholic drinks are also given a "NO" in this situation.
  • Few foods such as tomatoes, peppermint, citrus fruits and even chocolates are not recommended to be included in the stomach ulcer diet.
  • Broccoli, sauerkraut, cabbage and onion are some of the vegetables that produce gas in the stomach, hence, should be avoided to ease the gastric ulcer.
  • Low fat foods are always suggested by the experts for a healthy stomach ulcer diet.
  • Small portions, slow eating and 3-4 small meals are some of the eating habits that should be followed if suffering from peptic ulcer.

Stomach Ulcer Diet Chart

Food Groups Foods recommended/to avoid Servings (Daily)

Beverages/Drinks Caffeine-free drinks, less-acidic juices, 6-8
Herbal teas and water/Avoid Alcoholic

drinks, cocoa drinks, peppermint drinks,
regular coffee and tea

Breads and Starches Whole-wheat pasta, noodles, 6-8
breads, crackers, mashed potato

and rice/Avoid French fries, tacos,

chili pepper bagels

Vegetables Green leafy vegetables, salad greens/Avoid 2-4
Broccoli, cabbage, peppers, hot chilies,

tomatoes and pickled vegetables

Fruits Apple, peach, banana, grapes, pear, melon 2-4
and berries/Avoid Orange and grapefruit juice;

Meat/Meat substitutes Soft meat, turkey, fish, tofu, low fat cottage 2-4
cheese and soft cooked eggs/Avoid Fried and
seasoned meats; dried cooked kidney beans

Milk/ Dairy products Low fat milk, yoghurt, cream and pudding/Avoid 2-3
Chocolate milk drinks, half an half, heavy cream
and flavored cheese with pepper

Fats Any oil (safflower, olive, corn and vegetable), 2-4
low fat butter and margarine; salad dressing
without spices/Avoid Guacamole dip, bacon,
almonds, peanuts

NOTE: The following diet chart should be followed with an expert advice and if any recommended foods causes high inflammation they should be restricted from the stomach ulcer diet.


It is now proved by the modern researchers that ‘bland’ diet comprises lean meat, rice, plain carbohydrates and chicken breast is not the exact solution for the cure of stomach ulcers.


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