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Liquid Detox Diet

Liquid Detox Diet is a diet that is directed towards cleaning out the body, and in the process eliminating toxic wastes as well as getting into better shape by losing some of the excess body weight accumulated over the years. It is believed by some to be one of the best ways to get the body invigorated and refreshed by providing it with a break from the normal routine. As indicated by the name, the liquid detox diet relies entirely on fluid intake to achieve its purpose.

Guidelines for Liquid Detox Diet

  • As part of a liquid detox diet one is allowed to consume only liquids that have the ability to flush out unwanted substances – this could mean only water, during an extreme water fast, or a combination of certain other liquids as well such as juices from vegetables and fruits, lemon juice, green tea, herbal teas etc.
  • Evidently no solid intake is permitted as this is a time to give the digestive system a break and avoid undue strain on it.
  • One needs to embark on the liquid detox diet with great caution; a preparatory period during which high-fat, high sugar, refined and processed foods are removed from the diet followed by reducing portion sizes of solid foods progressively are some of the key steps to be undertaken while approaching this diet.
  • The intake of any amount of health promoting liquids is allowed apart from the standard intake of at least 64 ounces or 8 glasses of filtered/purified drinking water. Water ensures the system remains hydrated. A good start to the day would be drinking a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon squeezed into it. Lemon juice has a host of detoxifying benefits associated with it and must be a daily feature in the liquid detox program.
  • Vegetable and fruit juices must be preferably salt free and unsweetened. One must reply on their natural sodium, potassium, vitamin and mineral content.
  • Use of low-fat milk and yoghurt in preparation of smoothies and milkshakes would be like a shot in the arm providing the body a source of essential proteins and amino acids to give it strength and energy.

Benefits of Liquid Detox Diet

  1. Purging the body off harmful toxic wastes that may have accumulated over a period of time.
  2. Improved digestion, absorption and assimilation of all vital nutrients.
  3. Fibre obtained through juices would aid in smoother bowel movements.
  4. Improved immune response functions.
  5. Weight loss that needs to be maintained through a regular exercise regimen and a prudent diet.
  6. Restoring the body’s natural balance.

Liquid Detox Diet Menu Plan

  • 2 glasses of warm water with juice of a lemon
  • Green tea
  • Banana smoothie with skim milk
  • Soy milk
  • Iced lemon tea
  • Fresh vegetable/fruit juice or fruit sorbet
  • Water, water and more water to be consumed intermittently through the day.