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Grilled Beet

Grilled beet is beet cooked by application of dry heat through grilling process on gas grill or outdoor grill, with the vegetable possessing a slight smoky flavor due to grill’s hot fire. The process of grilling helps in bringing out earthy sweetness of beets, with the vegetable attaining a slight candied coating upon grilling.

There are quite a number of cultivated varieties of beet, with the purple colored root vegetable, known as garden beet or beetroot, being the most popular beet variety, which is well known for being cardiovascular health friendly.

Preparation Analysis

There are quite a few variations of grilled beet. The simplest and most popular grilled beet recipe suggests cooking olive oil brushed and seasoned beets on medium-hot gas grill until slightly charred and tender. The beets are peeled and cut into slices before being grilled. The beet slices may be frequently basted with olive oil during grilling process. The grilled beets can be served at room temperature, warm, or hot after being seasoned with salt and pepper.

Beets can also be grilled after being marinated for a few minutes in a mix of garlic, rosemary, balsamic vinegar, and herbes de Provence (a mixture of dried herbs of Provence, mainly consisting of basil, thyme, fennel, lavender, and savory). The marinated beets are wrapped in aluminum foil and grilled on outside grill twice; the second time grilled directly on grill rack after removing them from foil.


  • Grilled beet slices are often served after drizzling olive oil on top. However, nut oils like hazelnut oil, pine nut oil, and walnut oil also work well on grilled beets.
  • Grilled beetroot slices pair very well with grilled meat.

Culinary Uses

  • Grilled beetroot is commonly used as one of the delicacies of the grilled vegetable platter.
  • The grilled beetroot vegetable is also used in salads. Grilled beets with a dollop of soft cream cheese, topping of toasted walnuts, drizzle of pine nut oil or walnut oil, and seasoning of salt makes a great grilled beetroot salad.

Nutrition and Health Facts

Grilled beet encompasses the goodness of beet, which is low in fat and calories, with 100 g of beet providing only 45kcal. The vegetable is enriched with several vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which help in maintaining appropriate heart health, by way of keeping the cholesterol level under control and providing protection against stroke and coronary artery disease. The health benefits associated with a few vital nutrients contained in beet are discussed as follows:

  • Vitamin A- this vitamin helps in maintaining adequate health of the skin and mucus membranes.
  • Potassium- beet is enriched with good amount of potassium, which helps in regulating the metabolism level, and lowering down the risk of being affected by heart problems.
  • Flavonoid antioxidants- these antioxidants assist in preventing a human being from oral cavity and lung cancer.
  • Vitamin C- beetroot contains good amount of vitamin C antioxidant which aids in preventing an individual from damage caused due to free radicals.