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Mahalabia is a traditional Egyptian Pudding that can be prepared easily at home using readily available ingredients. It is served as a popular dessert.

Ingredients and Preparation

Whole milk, corn starch, sugar, rose water or orange blossom water, chopped pistachios, cinnamon or powdered ginger are required.

Half the corn starch is mixed with little milk to form slurry and set aside. Remaining milk is slowly boiled, with constant stirring. Sugar may be added once milk starts to boil and is dissolved with constant stirring. Next corn starch is gradually added while stirring. As the mixture starts to thicken, it is removed from heat and rose/orange water may be added. After overnight refrigeration in individual bowls, it is garnished with chopped pistachios and sprinkled with cinnamon or ginger powder before serving.

Nutrition Information

While the Mahalabia may be an instant source of energy and offers some proteins and fats (from milk and pistachios), it is low in dietary fiber and can be made more nutritious by addition of

  • some fresh fruit pieces of choice like orange pieces, strawberry or even apple slices.
  • Raisins may also be added to increase the fiber and mineral value.
  • Use of some orange juice instead of orange flavoring agent would be a good way of increasing Vitamin C content, although this must be done towards the end to minimize losses.