Swaziland food is highly dependant upon the seasonal production of the region, where maize (also known as corn refers to a type of grain) and sorghum (a type of several grass species, with one of them especially grown for grain) are considered to be the staple food items of Swaziland, with both the food items being commonly served along with meat of goat, which is a highly popular livestock of Swaziland.


The agricultural industry of Swaziland is primarily dependant upon tobacco, sugarcane, corn, rice, and peanuts. Meat of beef and goat is largely consumed, where both the meats are the primary exports of the country. The cuisine of Swaziland also features freshwater fishes and seafood imported from various coastal nations.


Popular Foods of Swaziland Cuisine


  • Swazi meat stew– The meat stew prepared in Swaziland mainly refers to goat based stew, where the goat meat is cooked with various vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and beans, and spices like salt, pepper etc, and served in the resultant gravy.


  • Maize meal– this refers to a food item prepared with maize, which may consist of flatbread, porridge or pancake.


  • Roasted corn on the cob– this is a seasonal Swaziland food item where the ear of maize (fresh maize) from plant variety producing sweet corn is picked and cooked.


Traditional Swaziland Foods


  • Sncwancwa– this a sour porridge which is prepared with fermented cornmeal.


  • Siphuphe setindlubu– mashed groundnuts based thick porridge.


  • Emasi etinkhobe temmbila– a mix of sour milk and ground corn.


  • Siphuphe semabhontjisi– mashed beans based thick porridge.


  • Sitfubi– in this dish, fresh milk is mixed and cooked along with cornmeal.


  • Emasi emabele– a mixture of sour milk and ground sorghum.


  • Umkhunsu– this dish refers to dried cooked meat.


  • Sishwala– this is a traditional Swaziland food which refers to thick porridge commonly served with vegetables or meat.