Visiting Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market to Eat Thai Street Food and to shop for Thai Souvenirs

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Jan. 23, 2014

On a quest to eat Thai street food and to shop for some Thai souvenirs we headed over to the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

With only a few weeks left in Chiang Mai I've been feeling an urge to see and do as much as I can. Given that Chiang Mai has been our base as opposed to a travel destination it's embarrassing how little we've really explored the city. One thing we had been putting off for weeks was visiting the Sunday Night Market.

Also known as the 'walking street' night market, the entire streets of Pra Singh and Ratchadamnoen are completely closed to traffic. Officially, if one were to walk down the entire market it stretches out well over a kilometer.

Unlike the Saturday Night Market located on Wua Lai road, the Sunday Night Market sprawls and spews off in several directions in and around Tha Pae Gate. With such a mammoth territory to cover we decided to stick around the East Gate area of the Old City to focus on devouring Thai street food and shopping for some Thai souvenirs to send back home as presents. Considering this is peak tourism season in Thailand we bumped elbows with many others in this bustling night market that rivals the likes of Taipei's Shilin and Malacca's Jonker Street.

As a tip it is recommended to go early if you want to avoid the insanity of a sea of pedestrians however, for those who enjoy snapping photos the crowds may be preferred.