Eating The Best Pad Thai Ever at Chang Chalaad Restaurant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Aug. 12, 2013

In our latest travel video we head over on our bicycles to eat lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant (Chang Chalaad) for the best Pad Thai ever in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We've quickly learned, since we arrived in Chiang Mai, that we're willing to bike quite a distance to satisfy our cravings.

I've personally traveled to Thailand close to 10 times in my life (I lost count) and I've had Pad Thai in fancy restaurants to served on the streets of Bangkok. In other words, I've had it a lot - both on the streets and in the finest or Thai restaurants and buffets.

However, the Pad Thai at Chang Chalaad restaurant is honestly the best I've ever had - hands down.

I'm certain it has something to do with the 'special' sauce which is this wonderful combination of being extra sweet and tangy. What's wonderful is that this restaurant offers cooking classes and apparently shares its top secret recipe. Although I've tried my hand taking a Thai cooking class before, I'm going to do it again here with hopes of maybe one day delighting my friends in the kitchen all of this coming from a guy who can barely make anything aside from toast.

Once it was in front of us, I almost choked on the noodles because I was stuffing it down my face faster than I could chew. If you thought only dogs engaged in such eating mannerisms you'd be wrong apparently, I do it too )

For those who have never tried this dish, Pad Thai is made with pho noodles and is a stir fry dish that also includes eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, red chili pepper, bean sprouts, peanuts and tofu. This wonderful array of ingredients makes it my favorite stir fry in the whole world. Whether I'm having it on the streets of Bangkok, at a fancy restaurant in Chiang Mai or back home at a Thai buffet in Canada, I never grow tired of it.

If you'd like to tantalize your taste buds consider coming to this restaurant which is located in the northeastern part of the gated city nearby SK House. It's a bit hard to find at first but if you wander or bike around without giving up it's well worth you efforts.

Our Pad Thai came to 60 Baht each (2 USD) and we had a hard time not ordering seconds. We'll be back again soon: