Thai Green Curry Paste

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Mar. 07, 2016

In this recipe whole spices like white pepper, cumin and coriander are lightly roasted and combined with aromatics like Galangal(from the Ginger family), Lemongrass, Chillies, Garlic and Shallots. I also cram in Coriander stems that are so unique, with Kaffir lime peel, some shrimp paste, fish sauce and salt. I like my Thai Green Curry paste to take on a beautiful natural green colour so I add in some Coriander and Basil leaves as well. Once ground, this is the most aromatic paste you have ever experienced. The freshness of the ingredients really stand out. This must be bottled and refrigerated and is good for a few days or can be frozen for use later.


Please watch the video for ingredients!


Please watch the video for directions!

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