Culinary Carrie: Microwave Potato Chips Make Healthier Dorm Food

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Aug. 02, 2012

It's almost time to head back to school and that means all those kids we are sending off to study hard and spend their first year in the dorm are going to come back heavier.

Join Chef Carrie Hegnauer and FOX News Rising's Terrance Bates as she shows you how to make healthier dorm-room snacks and fight the "Freshman Fifteen" those extra pounds that sneak up when we aren't looking, or paying attention, to what we eat.

Every student loves snack foods. Most of them live on it because it's simple and mom isn't there to make them a healthy meal. Here's a way to save both calories and money! Microwave potato chips are a healthier, inexpensive alternative to high cost, high fat bagged potato chips.

They're easy to make, tasty and cost just pennies. Try them yourself and see!