How To Serve Pickled Herring?

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Oct. 16, 2010

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Pickled Herring, an oily fish rich in vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, is more of a European delicacy than an American one. Different regions like Baltic, Scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Slavic and Jewish cuisine have different ways of serving pickled herring. Here are a few tips on how to serve pickled herring.

                                      Tip 1: Once the salt is removed from herring, pickled herrings need additional flavorings like sugar-salt solution, vinegar and, ingredients such as bay leaves, raw onions and peppercorn. Serve pickled herring with sliced red onion rings and evenly scatter them on a serving platter.Tip 2: Traditionally pickled herring is served with toasts but the serving varies in different countries. In countries like Denmark, Sweden and Germany, pickled herring are served with traditional flavorings like onion, sherry, mustard and dill. Scandinavians eat it with dark rye bread, crisp bread, sour cream, or boiled potatoes. Germans have created a new treat called soused herring or rollmops in which pickled herring fillets are rolled into a cylindrical shape.Tip 3:  Russian cuisine simply serves the pickled herring by cutting it into pieces, which is generally seasoned with onions and sunflower oil. Sometimes herrings are also eaten in salads, which are prepared with a mix of vegetables and mayonnaise.Tip 4: In Ashkenazi Jewish cuisine, pickled herring is a common food and is popularly known as "chopped herring". Polish call it as "Åx9Bledzie". Japanese also traditionally serve this food during winters. The HokkaidÅx8D cuisine serves large quantities of pickled herring as a side dish with rice.


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Tip 5: Sprinkle finely chopped fresh dill on pickled herring and serve it with red onion rings. Hard-boiled egg rings with sour cream can also be served along with the pickled herring.

Tip 6: Pickled herrings can also be served with sliced cucumber, rye bread, beets, deviled eggs, cheese, pickled baby onions, pickled green beans, rye crisps with lots of butter. Potato salad or simply boiled ones may also accompany them. Season new potatoes with butter and dill or serve it with French or German warm potato salad. Instead of having it with rye bread, you can also try it with hearty pumpernickel.Tip 7: Some people prefer to pair this side dish with beer, Aquavit or vodka but not fruit flavored. Health conscious people can simply have it with water.
Pickled Herring is usually served during Easter, Christmas and Midsummer. With these tips on how to serve Pickled Herring, enjoy this dish with your guests this Christmas.

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