How to Carve Egg Shells

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Jul. 01, 2010

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Do you always wonder how to carve eggs to make beautiful decorative pieces? Well, the process is not so difficult if you are aware of the correct technique. The delicate egg shells can even break into pieces while you are carving design on them. However, the finished outcome makes a fabulous decorative piece for your home.  You can even color the shells to make them more attractive. Below mentioned is the process that will help you to create a keepsake that can be treasured forever. 
How to carve Eggs
1. To begin with, you need to clean the egg shell properly using soap and water. Make a hole in the bottom of the egg shell and use a paint brush and syringe for cleaning.
2. Before you start the main process of carving the egg, make sure that the shell is absolutely dry from both sides. Then, select a design that you wish to carve on the egg shell and draw it on a transfer paper. Place the transfer paper on the shell and trace the design using a sharp pencil. 
3. After you get the design on the shell, take the high speed cutting tool to cut out the pattern slowly. In order to fit the design on the shell, you have to slash away the extra pieces from the egg shell. 
4. Use proper burs to rub the egg shell. Brush off the sand from the cut areas to have a smooth finished surface.
5. You can also color different parts of the egg shell to make it look even more beautiful. Moreover, always remember to cover the carved egg shell using a protective sealant. 
Now that you are done with all these steps of how to carve egg, display this beautiful decorative piece at home and enjoy the praise. 
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