5 Amazing Uses Of The Tomato Ketchup You Have In Your Fridge

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The slightly pungent and deliciously sour tomato ketchup has been a fixture with fries and potato chips for as far back as you can remember. However, the ketchup has a host of hidden qualities as well and can be used in many unexpected ways with amazing results. Do scroll down for a peep into the wonderful world of tomato ketchup. Do not forget to buy the biggest bottle next. It can serve you not only at the dining table but the kitchen and bathroom equally well.

Clean your saucepan Just add a drop of it into the dirty pan and rub with a sponge. The acetic acid of the ketchup makes it shinier than ever.

Make Your Own Facemask- The lycopene present in it is an antioxidant that will leave your face wonderfully soft after you apply it on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes.

Keep the fur of your dog clean- The yucky smell that your dogs fur develops from time to time will not go away easily. You can, however, try to give your dog a good rub with ketchup. The vinegar in it will help to prevent the stickiness and you can then easily brush his fur clean.

Condition your hair Rub ketchup into your hair to make it glossier. The acids present in the ketchup keep your hair cuticles flat and the result is a head full of shiny lustrous locks.

Heal insect bites Applying ketchup on an insect bite will help you to get rid of the sting. The salt within the ketchup draws out the water from the affected area thus making the inflammation go down.

Do not be put off by the varied uses of tomato ketchup though. You can add it to your daily meals and reap its health benefits too. Check out the infographic below for details.

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Image Credit: sciencefocus