How to Dry Age Beef Alton Brown Style?

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Aug. 05, 2010

If the steakhouse beef always tastes better than the homemade version, then its time, you give them a strong competition by learning how to dry age beef Alton Brown style! Yes, only when you have learnt how to dry age beef Alton Brown style, will you be able to match the steakhouse taste and standard. Steakhouses usually always get their beef dry aged, and thats the reason why, their meat always tastes better than yours. Dry aging the meat, dehydrates it gradually and this only tenderizes the beef and enriches its flavor. Now that, you are just learning how to dry age beef Alton Brown style, I would suggest you to make your first move with a smaller piece of beef. Also, a smaller piece will age in only a few days time and not require complex kitchen equipments. Dry aged beef Alton Brown style is done much simply at home. The commercial processes require hanging of the meat, which, thankfully, you do not have to take the pains to do at home. And, the reward that you get by dry aging beef this way is - the exactly same deliciousness.

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Procedure on how to dry age beef Alton Brown style 

Controlling the climate

You can simply age your smaller pieces of beef in the refrigerator. The humidity and temperature in the refrigerator should be maintained well. Ideally, a temperature within 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit should work perfectly fine. Make sure you maintain the humidity within 50 to 60 percent.

Draining and ventilating

To dry age small cuts of beef, you need not have to hang them, like its done commercially. For home dry aging, you can place the smaller chunks of beef on a racked sheet pan. However, you need to make sure that the rack is fitting neatly in the sheet pan and is sturdy enough to allow good drainage and ventilation all around the beef. To help soak away the moisture from the meat chunks, you can place paper towels over the top of the beef. You have to replace the towels and drain the pan on a regular basis.

Proper timing

According to Alton Brown, you should not be dry aging beef for more than 3 days when you are doing it at home. Otherwise, there are strong chances of the meat getting spoiled. Many a times, it has been observed, that an overnights dry aging also enriches the flavor and texture of the beef.

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