Rich Chicken Stock

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Aug. 19, 2012

Homemade chicken stock is nutritious, tasty and incredibly versatile. It adds that special homemade warmth to just about any soup. For this classic, we used a mix of chicken thighs and drumsticks, but any combo of chicken, including wings, will work.


Chicken thigh/Drumstick 4 Pound , bone
Water 12 Cup (192 tbs) , cold
Onion 1 Large , halved
Compliments organic carrot 2 , cut into chunks
Celery stalk 2 , cut in chunks
Parsnip 1 , peeled, cut into chunks
Parsley stem 1 Tablespoon , coarsely chopped, with juices
Fresh thyme 1 Tablespoon ((1 sprig))
Black peppercorn 1 Teaspoon , lightly crushed
Compliments bay leaves 2 , torn
Salt 1 Teaspoon



1. Rinse chicken pieces and pat it dry.

2. Place a large stock pot on heat and add chicken pieces to it.

3. Pour water and bring it to a boil over medium heat.

4. Add in onion, carrot, celery, and parsnip. Reduce the heat to low, and allow it to simmer.

5. Using a ladle, remove the foam and impurities that rise on top of the surface. Do it 2-3 times for clear stock.

6. Take a 5x5 inch cheesecloth and place parsley stem, thyme, black peppercorn, and bay leaves on the center of it.

7. Using a kitchen twine tie the cheesecloth into a bundle, leaving a long string at one end. Tie the string to the handle of the pot.

8. Sprinkle salt and allow it to simmer, uncovered with spice bundle immersed for 3 hours, occasionally skimming the top.

9. Take a large bowl, place strainer over it. Using a slotted spoon carefully transfer the vegetable and chicken pieces on strainer. Then pour the broth through the strainer.


10. Add chicken stock in soup and serve it hot.


Discard all the vegetables and chicken pieces after you drain the stock. Do not press vegetable and chicken pieces down.

If you are using the stock immediately then you can remove the fat by skimming it off with a ladle or dab it off with a paper towel.

If you want to chill the stock then place it in ice bath, stir occasionally and allow it to come down to room temperature. Then, put it in refrigerator.

Your stock will remain fresh in refrigerator for 3 days.

It is very easy to remove fat from chill stock. You can easily do it with a spoon.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Medium
Cook Time: 210 Minutes
Ready In: 210 Minutes