Zurracapote is a Spanish alcoholic beverage prepared by seeping fruits like peaches and lemons in red wine, along with cinnamon and sugar for flavoring and sweetening respectively. The taste of Zurracapote is mild and alcoholic. Though the traditional Zurracapote recipe calls for seeping of fruits in wine, some recipe variations also use fruit extract directly. The drink is prepared in a traditional manner during festive occasions in Spain, particularly in areas like La Rioja, northern Burgos, Ribera Navarra, Soria, Albacete, Cuenca, Granada, and Guadalajara. The recipes vary from place to place, and can be modified according to taste.


Ingredients Used and Popular Method of Preparation of Zurracapote

Ingredients: Red wine, dried peaches, lemon peel, and sugar are the primary ingredients used as per the Zurracapote recipe. Other additions like plums, apricots, lemon juice and raisins are also made in many recipes.


Method of preparation: The dried peaches are soaked in water for a couple of hours. Red wine, cinnamon, sugar and lemon peel are taken in a pan and heated the liquid boils. They are allowed to simmer for a couple of minutes, stirring the mixture continuously. The soaked peaches are drained and added to the boiling mixture, and again simmered on low flame for some time. The resulting liquid is set aside for 2-3 hours before serving.


Serving Zurracapote

Zurracapote can be served hot or cold, as per one’s choice.


Popular Zurracapote Variations

A number of variations can be made to the standard Zurracapote recipe.For preparing a milder drink, half of the red wine can be substituted by water in the mixture. The resulting drink will be lower on alcohol content. Lemon peel can also be substituted by orange peel. The Zurracapote recipe allows for a lot of experimentation.

A similar kind of sauce can be prepared by not using water in preparation of the drink, and reducing the amount of red wine used by half. This sauce is often used to drizzle different types of desserts and cakes.


Health and Nutrition Facts about Zurracapote

Zurracapote is an excellent source of antioxidants, particularly a compound called resvertrol, which is found in red wine by virtue of the grape seeds and skins used in its preparation. Resvertrol is known for its health benefits like increasing good cholesterol and preventing blood clotting, and is hence considered very god for the heart.