Mollete is term that is used to refer to certain kinds of breads in the Spanish and Mexican cuisines. The Spanish mollete is a bread roll, while the Mexican version is a bolillos based dish. Originating from Andalusia in Spain, this dish is made with bread rolls, known as ‘molletes’, which are sliced and toasted with olive oil and garlic and at times spread with lard, which is ‘manteca colora’ a red paprika based paste that has been spiced with herbs and spices. Traditionally, the mollete recipe is a popular breakfast recipe in the Antequera, Malaga region of Spain. With other cultural influences there are variations to the traditional recipe of Mollete.


History of Mollete Recipe
Mollete has its roots in the Spanish cuisine, in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain to be more specific. This toasted bread dish has been part of this region for some time, though there is no documented evidence to the exact time of its origin. Eaten at breakfast, the mollete recipe is part of almost every Andalusian and now Mexican household. Being highly nutritious, this toasted bread comes with different toppings that range from savory to sweet.


Preparation of Molletes
Mollete is prepared with the ‘white mollete bread’ in the Andalusian region of Spain. The bread is sliced into two and toasted with olive oil and a little garlic. At times, red lard, also known as Manteca colora, is applied on the toasted bread. Though a Spanish breakfast dish, this is also popular in Mexico where it is made with bolillos that are sliced lengthwise and spread with a good amount of frijoles, which need to be sweet rather than bitter or heavy. The molletes are then topped with Chihuahua cheese a popular cheese of Mexico and the bread is grilled in an oven till the cheese melts. Salsa or pico de gallo are generally served with Mollete.


Variations of Mollete Recipe
Mollete is also made sweet, wherein butter is spread over bolillo and sprinkled with honey or sugar on top. This is then broiled till the bread is crisp.


Other molletes toppings such as bacon, ham, chorizo, and mushrooms are also popular with many people.


Another variation to the Mollete is the one which is made a topping of refried beans, shredded quaso blanco cheese and salsa or even chile sauce. The bolillos are then grilled till the cheese melts and they are served crisp and hot.