Maracuja Mosquito Cocktail

Exotic ingredients are available almost anywhere these days. Because of this, getting creative with your own cocktail creations is easy and fun. The Maracuja Mosquito, created by Charlotte Voisey, is a great example of how to take a classic cocktail, like the mojito, and add your own twist to make something new.


Hendrick's gin 1 1/2 Fluid Ounce
Basil leaves 10 (Divided, 2 for garnish)
Fresh lime juice 1/2 Fluid Ounce
Simple syrup 1/2 Fluid Ounce
Passion fruit juice 1 1/2 Fluid Ounce
Chartreuse liqueur 1/4 Fluid Ounce (Green one)
Passion fruit 1/2 , seeds scooped and rest discarded (For Garnish)



1. Take gin, basil leaves, fresh lime juice, simple syrup, passion fruit juice and chartreuse green liqueur in a mixing glass. Drop in some ice.

2. Shake the cocktail in a shaker.

3. Strain it into a cocktail glass filled with fresh ice.


4. Garnish with fresh basil leaves and seeds of passion fruit and serve.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: Easy
Servings: 1