Potato Soup

Potato soup is mainly made of potatoes and milk combined with vegetables and seasonings.  It is a rich and hearty soup preparation, popular in various cuisines.  This soup has a creamy texture and mild flavor. A bowl full of potato soup is relished mainly in the winter season. The soup can be consumed as a side dish, appetizer or even as a full course meal. The ingredients in the soup can vary depending on  personal choice. This soup dish is filling and quite economical.


History and Origin of Potato Soup

Potato soup is made from potatoes which originated in Peru, 7,000 years ago. Today this vegetable is one of the popular vegetables in every cuisine and is used for normal day to day food preparations. The potatoes are said to have reached Britain by an explorer called Sir Walter Raleigh in the year 1589. A royal banquet was held after sometime and potatoes were showcased by using in different foods. The cooks of the palace were not very much aware of the culinary use of potatoes and thus threw the potato but used the leaves and stems to make potato soup. Since these two parts of potatoes are poisonous everyone who ate the soup got food poisoning.

Post Seven Years’ War in France, occurred a famine, in which Antoine August Paramentier, a Frenchman set the potato soup kitchens in Paris to help the famished citizens.


Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Potato Soup Recipe

The basic ingredients used in potato soup recipe are potatoes and milk. The other ingredients used for a basic potato soup preparation are bay leaf, onions, celery stalks, garlic cloves, cream, water, salt, pepper, garlic and butter. For the potato soup recipe, the potatoes are washed, peeled and diced. They are then added in a pot with salt and bay leaf and cooked. Garlic is also added in potato soup, though using it is optional. The potatoes are let to simmer for some time. The onions and celery are fried in a pan with heated butter. Once done, they are added to potatoes and cooked. Seasoning is added and milk and cream is also put. The soup is removed from the heat as soon as cream or milk is included. Not doing so causes milk to curdle and spoils the taste of this rich soup.


Serving Potato Soup

Potato soup makes a filling meal. These soups are usually served as appetizer before the full course meals. Some people also eat the soup as a light full course food for lunch and dinner.


It is usually served with paprika and garnished with chopped parsley.


Crackers served with this soup help in enhancing the taste. Oyster crackers, saltines, whole-grain biscuits and wafers pair well with this heart potato soup. Breads, chicken legs, vegetable patties are also eaten with the soup.


The Irish people love to have wines with soups. Chardonnay a full bodied wine with creamy flavors is one of the wines goes well with this soup. Chenin Blanc, which is rich in honey flavors and Pinot Noir, a red berry wine is mostly served with Irish Potato soup.


Variations in Potato Soup Recipe

Potato soup recipe is common in various cuisines and has many variations. The soup can be made by adding vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and peppers. The amount of butter and cream added to the soup can also vary depending on the personal choice. Onions are sometimes replaced by leaks.


In Ireland, the potatoes are mixed with butter, milk and scallions to make a potato soup mix, also known as Champ. Cabbage is also added to enhance the flavors of the soup and is called Colcannon in Irish.


The use of thyme, rosemary, cilantro when added gives the soup a different, yet refreshing taste. Also, the type of potatoes used in the soup also makes the flavor of the soup different.


A sweet version of potato soup recipe makes use of sweet potatoes coupled with cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar.


Popular Potato Soup Recipes

  • Crock Pot Potato Soup- This potato soup recipe is a wonderful combination of leeks, potatoes, carrots, parsley and cheddar cheese. The soup is prepared in a crockpot on a low flame and is rich in flavors.
  • Sweet Potato Soup- This potato soup is a popular dessert of China and is known as Tong sui. The texture of the soup is thin and it comprises of sweet potatoes with rock candy and ginger. The taste of this soup is amazing.
  • Velveeta Potato Soup- This cheesy soup is made of Velveeta cheese, potatoes, vegetable stock and many different spices. The recipe of the soup is easy and less time consuming.
  • Irish Potato Soup- It is a traditional soup preparation of Ireland. The soup includes vegetables, potatoes, herbs, Irish butter and chicken bouillon. The soup makes a delicious treat and is as staple dish during winter season.


Trivia- Potato soup

  • Potato soup is a staple dish of Ireland, Poland, Russia and America.