Corn Soup


Corn soup, as the name suggests, is prepared from corn (usually sweetcorn). Earlier it was prepared only in the corn producing regions of the globe, but it is now made almost everywhere as the distribution of corn has become widespread.


History of Corn Soup

Corn has been the staple crop for several Native American tribes. Consequently, corn soup became a primary food item among them. M. R. Harrington stated that corn soup became the most favorite food of the Seneca Indian. He further reported that there were hardly any occasions where Indians, Christian or pagan met without a kettle consisting this savory soup. The soup was even served at religious ceremonies, where people got a ladleful of soup as soon as they surrounded the kettle.


Corn Soup Recipe: Ingredients Used, Preparation and Serving

Corn soup can be cooked either sweet or savory depending upon the ingredients and the style of preparation being used. Most corn soups are prepared by the method of boiling. They may either be served hot or cold, in the form of a main dish or as an appetizer.


The basic recipe used for making any type of corn soup includes a soup base with corns added to it. To lend this base a distinctive style, any ingredients can be added further. Typical ingredients include corn on the cob, butter, flour, water and an egg. Usually, salt and pepper are used for seasoning. However, the ingredients of the corn soup may vary from one place to another. Several versions of corn soup are created by combining the soup base with a plethora of rare ingredients. 


Popular Corn Soup Recipes

Corn soups can be cooked in vegetable broth or fish/meat broth base. One of its popular versions, is made from chicken and noodles, originates from the Amish cuisine. Some other famous corn soup recipes are mentioned below:

  • Sweet corn soup
  • Mexican corn soup
  • Chinese sweet corn soup (known as yumigeng or sumigeng locally)
  • Dried (Indian) corn soup
  • Tibetan style corn soup (known as ashom tang locally)
  • Corn crab soup
  • Cream of corn soup




National Geographic asserts that cultivation of corn soup most likely started in some parts of Mexico approximately 10,000 years ago.