Coronavirus Quarantine / How To Prepare - Shopping For Vegetables that LAST / Budget

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Mar. 24, 2020

Rebecca Brand shows how to prepare for the Coronavirus - Covid19 Quarantine, you may want to Self Quarantine for your safety. I show you in my series how to prepare for the Coronavirus and in this episode how to shop and buy vegetables that will have a long shelf life. This global pandemic will have a lot of impact on how we live our lives I believe. I want to show viewers tips on shopping, so money is not wasted and things you buy will have a long shelf life. Even if you don't end up self quarantining, these are great tips on buying veggies for you and your family. Things you may not have thought of before.

Watch my entire Coronavirus series, this is Shopping Trip 3 - For Veggies - this video is timeless -- great tips for shopping for vegetables that you can use your lifetime, not just for hunkering down.