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Mar. 24, 2020

Rebecca Brand reports how to shop for staying home during the Coronavirus for a Self Quarantine - just in case. 2nd shopping trip -- First was to Costco -- but they are not the best in prices for all things so Rebecca goes to Smart and Final for what they are best in prices --Rebecca shows what the store is sold out of - and suggests what is best to buy to hunker down during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. Rebecca lives in Santa Barbara, California which does not have a community case of Covid 19 YET. How to Prepare for Coronavirus. Staying at home may be safest and good to have LOTS of supplies. I show you what to buy at different stores. This is one of my Coronavirus series of how I'm coping with the outbreak. My dad was a microbiologist, and worked in Public Health for the State of California his entire career and created strategies to keep the blood supply safe, developed procedures to clean it up, test it, and rolled out testing procedures for all blood banks, laboratories and hospitals in the state of CA for the aids crisis and outbreak. This is in my blood!