Coronavirus / Covid-19 Self Quarantine / What to Buy for Quarantine

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Mar. 24, 2020

Rebecca Brand shows how to shop for the Coronavirus for a self quarantine and to be prepared for the Coronavirus in case you don't want to go out or are told not to go out. After the first video released of Self Quarantine - making a list, I go to my first store which is a large super box store - Costco -- there are similar stores around the nation. These stores are good for some items but not all. I show in this video what is a good price, what is not. For the Self Quarantine I will go to a number of stores to get what each has that is the best price, and what they are best at supplying. I find out that surgical gloves are hard to find, disinfectant wipes, Lysol and disinfectant sprays are sold out, and water supplies are low.