Milkshake is basically a beverage, made of milk or ice-cream which is sweet, flavored and cold. Usually these shakes contain an assortment of milk; fruits and nuts. There are many milk shakes recipes in the world. Some of the common milkshakes are chocolate milkshake, vanilla ice-cream milk shake, mango milkshake and strawberry shake.



History and Origin of Milkshakes

The term ‘milkshake’ was first mentioned in a British newspaper in the year 1885. The drink was described as a “sturdy, healthful eggnog type of drink, with eggs, whiskey, etc., served as a tonic as well as a treat”. The origin of this milk drink has been owed to Walgreen fountain manager. The manager was experimenting with the drinks and was trying to make something innovative for his customers. He took ice cream scoops and blended them in a mixer along with leftovers of malt milk. The end product was liked very much by his customers and was termed as milkshake. This milkshake recipe was liked so much that Walgreen became a national chain store in no time.

One of the facts states that milkshakes derived their name from being served in bars. The drink made of milk was served to the customers and if they liked it they shook hands with bartender and if they did not, the bartender would not get the tip.

In 1900s, the drink was referred to as wholesome drink made with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavor. In 1930, this beverage became a high selling item at malt shops. The major consumers of the drink were students.


Method of Preparation and Ingredients Used in Milkshake Recipe

Today, there are many milkshake recipes available. A variety of milkshakes can be made by using different fruits, syrups, ice creams. However, the basic ingredients of a milkshake remain the same i.e. milk or ice cream. Even the method to prepare milk shake is similar, though few milkshake recipe need a bit of extra effort.


Plain vanilla shake is a very common milkshake recipe. The ingredients used to make this flavored drink are milk, vanilla ice cream scoops, vanilla essence, crushed ice, food coloring and sugar. To make the drink, ice cream scoops, milk, sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence are added to the food processor. The ingredients are blended well. Crushed ice is added and the drink is served. The use of coloring is optional. Ice cream scoops can be used at the time of blending and can be added again for serving.


Variations of Milk Shake Recipe

In some common wealth nations and in few regions of New England, milkshakes are made without ice cream. A popular variation of milkshake is smoothies which are made by adding yogurt, crushed ice, and fresh fruits. Smoothies do not contain ice creams. Malt milkshake is also popular in many parts of the world and uses malted milk instead of normal milk. These shakes are also referred to as malt. A thicker version of milkshake is very much popular in United Kingdom and few parts of Canada and is called as frappe. In Latin America, batido is made which actually is a milkshake containing fruits.


Another modern day variation of milkshake are spiked shakes. These shakes contain alcohol such as whiskey. Some milkshakes which are popular these days include crumbled cookies and candies while some make use of only ice cream and no milk.


Popular Milk Shake Recipes

  • Chocolate milkshake- It is a cool and refreshing milk shake recipe, especially enjoyed by chocoholics. The chocolate content can vary and few drops of peppermint extract can be added to enhance the flavor of this cold beverage.
  • Strawberry milkshake- One of the perfect milkshake recipes, especially relished during the Valentine’s Day season. Fresh strawberries are combined with milk and strawberry ice cream and honey is used to give a sweet taste to this strawberry flavored drink.
  • Banana milkshake- One of the best drinks for children, this shake is made by blending banana with milk and honey. This milkshake recipe is delicious as well as nutritious. This healthy shake is a perfect hangover cure.


Nutritional Value Of Milkshake recipe

As per USDA, 100grams of milkshake comprises of 3-9g of fat, 3-5g of protein and 18-27 g of carbohydrates. The malted milkshake contains malt which is made from sprouting grain. Malt is a rich source of carbs and protein. The milkshakes contains milk and thus provides the body with calcium which is essential for strong bones and teeth.


Trivia Milkshakes

The largest milkshake was made in year 2000. It was 6000 gallons of pure milkshake and became a part of Guinness Book of World Records.

A milkshake diet, also known as Optifast was designed in 2004.

There are various milkshakes day celebrated throughout the world. A chocolate milkshake is held on September 12th, every year.  26th July is observed as Coffee milkshake day and vanilla milkshake happens on 20th June.