Cabanossi is a dry sausage, mostly made of beef, pork or bacon. It is usually thin and long. It is generally spiced and smoked based on the requirements. The meat is usually a natural salty and juicy sausage with little artificial flavoring. The Cabanossi Recipe is mostly available in a tube form normally of a size around 35-40 centimeters long. It is one of the most widely available meat varieties of Australia and New Zealand. It is also renowned in some parts of Europe, especially southern part of Europe. The sausage is eaten as an appetizer or snack. It forms a part of the most common pizza toppings. The delicious recipe is the Cabanossi dip. It is a prime ingredient of some really good pasta and salad. The long durability of the product makes it appropriate for the hunters and sportsmen.


Origin of Cabanossi

Cabanossi was originally made from the horse meat which was later alternated with pork and beef. The raw sausage is different from Kabanos, a similar sausage of Poland. It is famous among the meat lovers of Australia and is popularly referred to as Cabana or Kabana. Almost all the meat available in the Austrian market is used in the manufacturing of this delicacy. The dish is popular in the cuisines of New Zealand and parts of southern Europe.


Ingredients and Method of Preparing Cabanossi Recipe

Cabanossi is a dry, tube like sausage made of beef, pork and bacon. Pepper, Paprika, salt and garlic is mixed with it to give its original taste. It is normally available in red brown color. The all time favorite dish is the Cabanossi dip made by mixing cheese, onion and curry powder with the meat. It is cut into big pieces and well enjoyed as an appetizer or snack. The meat when sliced forms a lovable pizza topping with lots of cheese. The delicious pasta can also be made of the recipe along with the finest combinations of tomatoes, peas, onion, cheese and some sensational dry herbs. The salad made of it is sensational.


Variations in Cabanossi

The commonest beef and pork can be alternated with chicken and duck. The raw Cabanossi Recipe itself being very moderately spiced, varied spices are adjusted in accordance with the recipe it is used in. The sausage is used in several alternative styles to form a variety of some really splendid pasta.


Serving Cabanossis

The sensational Cabanossi dip is served with biscuits. Cabanossi recipe forms a part a really good breakfast and café. It is often served with scrambled egg, rice and penne pasta. Cabanossi served with a creamy onion dip is a remarkable starter and often served with the crispy potato salad and omelet. It is often enjoyed with fresh vegetables and favorite potato chips. Some


Health Facts to Cabanossi Recipe

Cabanossi is a highly caloric food. Undoubtedly, the pork and beef content in the sausage reveals adequate amount of fat, carbohydrate and protein. It is regarded as a sausage with some amazing nutritional richness.