Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are popular Chinese snack items, which comprise of thin pastry wrap stuffed with vegetables, noodles and meat filling. These rolls are deep fried and make an amazing starter for parties. Spring roll recipes are famous throughout the world and have their own variations. Spring rolls differ faintly from place to place. Shanghai Spring Roll and Fuzhou Spring Roll are the two popular spring rolls.


History And Origin Of Spring Rolls

Spring rolls originated in China and the history of these rolls can be dated back to Eastern Jin dynasty. In that period, thin cakes made of flour were very popular and were mostly accompanied with vegetables. These cakes were specially made to mark the beginning of spring and eventually started being called “spring dish”. Spring dish gained immense popularity at the time of Tang and Song dynasty rule and in this period the dish was better known as five spice dish because of its hot and spicy flavor. Gradually, at the time of Ming and Qing dynasties, the cake got transformed to rolls and the name changed from spring dish to spring rolls. The spring roll recipe was a major feature in Chinese imperial menu.


Method Of Preparation And Ingredients Used In Spring Rolls Recipe

Spring rolls make use of four basic steps such as preparing dough sheet, making fillings, wrapping and finally deep frying. The basic ingredients to make spring rolls are thin noodles or vermicelli, rice flour, soy sauce, mint, lettuce, tofu, carrots and capsicum. To make the rolls, dough is prepared by mixing the flour with water and a pinch of salt and is kept aside for a while after making. The vegetables, mint and lettuce is thinly chopped and tofu is baked by adding soy sauce. Baked tofu is sliced into long strips. Vermicelli or thin noodles are boiled and once cooked, strained. The prepared dough is rolled into round thin sheets. Noodles, few mint leaves, chopped vegetables, and lettuce are placed on thin wraps and then is rolled. The rolls are deep fried and served.


Variations In Spring Rolls Recipe

Variations are very common in spring rolls recipe. Right from preparing the dough to deep frying it, every chef has its own way of making these Chinese rolls. The dough is usually made of rice flour but at some places tapioca flour is mixed with rice flour and used. Tapioca flour helps in making sturdy wrappers. Also, the fillings vary according to the personal choice. Vegetarian spring rolls are made by combining vegetables with vermicelli, while non-vegetarians prefer to have chicken, beef and pork meat. Shredded pork with chives makes an interesting filling. Spring rolls can be either steamed or deep fried.


Serving Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are one of the delicious appetizers and also make a good party food. These finger foods are usually cut into small rolls and served. They taste perfect when eaten with the dips. Cold beverages like alcohol and soft drinks and hot beverages like tea and coffee are usually consumed with these Chinese rolls. They also make a perfect food option for tiffin and picnics.


Spring Rolls Recipes In Different Cuisine

Spring rolls are closely bonded with Asian cuisine, and every Asian country cuisine relishes these rolls in their own unique way.

  • Taiwan- In Taiwan, spring rolls recipe make use of herbs and ground peanut powder. For making the rolls, the vegetables are boiled before filling and sugar is added to the ingredients with peanut powder.
  • Hong Kong- These Chinese rolls are famous in Hong Kong as dim sums.
  • Vietnam- Goi cuon is the name for Vietnamese spring rolls which comprise of fried pork, shrimp, beef, garlic, lettuce, herbs and chicken. The ingredients are wrapped and the rolls are served with hoisin sauce. These rolls at Vietnam are not fried. Cha gio is yet another popular fried spring roll of Vietnam which is made of minced pork.
  • Australia- Dim sums and chiko rolls are popular in Australian cuisine and are a variation of spring rolls.
  • Philippines and Indonesia- A spring roll called Lumpia is very popular in cuisines of these countries.
  • South Korea- Chungwaon is the type of spring rolls in South Korea. These rolls are usually served as street foods or as a side dish in pubs and eating joints.


Trivia- Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls in China were called Chun Geun. Chun means spring and these rolls signified the arrival of spring season.