Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon roll is a kind of sweet pastry seasoned with cinnamon powder. The cinnamon roll recipe is also popular throughout the world with the names like cinnamon bun, cinnamon snail and it is in the shape of a swirl, hence also called cinnamon swirl.

The cuisines of Northern Europe and North America widely serve cinnamon rolls in their meals. In Sweden, Cinnamon rolls are immensely popular and called by the name ‘kanelbulle’. Even ‘cinnamon roll day’ is also celebrated in Sweden on October 4th every year.

The cinnamon roll is sweet in taste and varies in size. The size of the Cinnamon rolls start from very small such as with the diameter of 5 cm and goes till 10 cm that is big enough. The largest variety of cinnamon bun is found in Finnish cuisine, where it usually up to 20 cm of diameter and weighs around 200 grams. In Finland this sweet bun is famous with the name ‘korvapuusti’.

Among the variations of Cinnamon rolls, honey bun is the most popular variety. Though honey bun belongs to the family of donuts, but it is quite similar to cinnamon roll. This bun is popular in Southeast United States.

The popularity of the cinnamon roll can be seen with the fact that an American bakery ‘Cinnamon’ had made the cinnamon bun its signature baked item. 


History and Origin of Cinnamon Roll Recipe

The exact origin of Cinnamon roll is still a topic of debate, but food historians believed that this recipe was first invented in Northern Europe. The influences of German baking techniques and Swedish and Danish ingredients can clearly be seen in the making of cinnamon roll. 

According to American Institute of baking, the origin of cinnamon roll recipe can be traced from the middle Ages at the time of ancient Greeks. The institute consider ‘English Chelsea bun’ as the prototype of modern day cinnamon bun. The spice trade from Southeast Asia also led to the invention of the roll. Cinnamon was not grown locally in the European countries; hence the spice trade from Srilanka had led to the development of cinnamon use in the European countries.


Ingredients Prescribed by Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon roll is traditionally prepared with flour dough. The dough, as suggested in the cinnamon role recipe, is prepared with milk, yeast, water, eggs, butter and vanilla essence. Sugar and cinnamon powder are either kneaded in the dough or sprinkled over the rolled sheet of the dough. In some cases, raisins or fresh chopped grapes are also incorporated as per some cinnamon roll recipe suggestions.

Confectioner’s sugar is also widely used to provide a glaze to the cinnamon roll. Among the nuts, pecans, walnuts and almonds are quite favorable. Black currants and other glazed fruits are also used to enhance the look as well as the flavor of the buns.

Variations of the classic Cinnamon rolls are prepared by adding caramel and nuts on the top of the baked pastry. Maple syrup, flax and fresh fruit preserves are the addition to the classic cinnamon roll recipe.


Method of Preparation: Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Cinnamon Roll is indeed a baked dish. Dough is prepared with the specified ingredients and rolled into thin sheets. While rolling the sheet, various ingredients such as nuts, sugar, butter and cinnamon are spread over the sheets.

A glaze is also provided to the pastry while baking the cinnamon rolls. Process of making cinnamon roll is not quite lengthy, but the dough requires little efforts in order to get a perfect dish.


Serving and Eating of Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon roll is typically served as a breakfast food. North Americans eat this popular bun in their breakfast. In Sweden, there is a coffee break caked ‘fika’ in which cinnamon rolls are widely eaten.

Apart from being a breakfast food, cinnamon roll can also be consumed as a sweet snack at any point of time in the day. It is basically a comfort food.


Nutritional and Health Facts Related to Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Cinnamon roll is a baked item, but it is quite calorific as it contains lots if sugar and butter. Being a breakfast dish, it is beneficial, but it should be consumed in moderation by obese people and diabetic patients. It contains saturated fats, carbohydrates, potassium and sodium. A single large cinnamon roll typically contains 730 calories.

If the health benefits provided by the cinnamon have to be seen that it is highly useful in stabilizing the blood sugar level. It also helps in boosting the functions of the brain and prevents heart diseases.