A roll is a round or cylindrically shaped envelope of bread, pancake or flour stuffed with fillings like vegetables, meat, cottage cheese, cream, etc. Rolls are favorite recipes of all to be served in all occasions be it Christmas, New Year or any get-together. These are snack items popularly served as appetizers. Roll recipes are commonly served with salads, soups and other beverages. The addition of tangy supplements like sauces and chutneys further contributes to the taste of this particular dish.

A large variety of rolls can be prepared depending upon the fillings and the wrappers chosen. A roll can be stuffed with egg, chicken, shrimp, vegetables and cottage cheese, to name just a few. The envelopes which are used to wrap the fillings are usually bread or flour. The common rolls include Holiday Potato Yeast Rolls, Thai Spring Rolls, Bread Rolls, Cabbage Rolls, Egg Rolls, Sausage Roll, Cottage Cheese Rolls, Cheese Onion Rolls, and Cornstalk Rolls. Meat can always be replaced with vegetables, cottage cheese or tofu for those who do not prefer non vegetarian rolls. In India, Kathi Rolls are very popular ranging from Paneer Tikka Khati Rolls, Chicken Tikka Kathi Rolls to Mutton Tikka Kathi Rolls.

Sweet rolls can also be prepared and can be served as desserts. The usual fillings of sweet rolls include cream, chocolate, lemon, jelly, etc. the popular names of such roll recipes include Swiss Rolls, Sweet Dinner Rolls, Cinnamon Rolls, Cream Rolls, etc.



Origin of Roll Recipes

Different rolls have originated from different origins of the world. For instance, Spring Roll is believed to be originated from Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. According to legends, Spring Rolls came from Chinese New Year called the Spring Festival featuring all the fresh vegetables produced from harvesting. Lobster Rolls are rumored to have been invented by the great chef, Fred Terry in 1966. Northern Europe with Germany and Sweden are believed to have born Cinnamon Rolls. Pork Roll Recipes come from New Jersey and Philadelphia in the United States. A Swiss Roll is said to have originated in Central Europe, particularly Germany, Hungary and Austria.



Ingredients and Method of Preparing Roll Dishes

For the envelope rolls require ingredients like bread or flour, while the ingredients for the filling can vary from eggs, chicken, pork, cheese, shrimp, mutton, cottage cheese, tofu, to mixed vegetables. A typical Vegetable Spring Roll is prepared by sautéing garlic, ginger, chilies, cabbage, mushrooms and tofu till all are soft. It is then tossed with salt, soya sauce and bean sprouts. This mixture is then carefully enveloped in spring roll wrappers and deep fried.



Variations in Rolls

Countless varieties of roll recipes are prepared such as Shrimp or Tofu Spring Roll, Pork Roll, Egg Rolls, Chicken Tikka Kathi Rolls, Paneer Rolls, Sausage Rolls, Cabbage Rolls, Vegetable Rolls and Cheese Rolls, to name just a few!



Serving Roll

Rolls can be served hot, normal or cold depending upon the particular recipe. Served mainly as snacks or appetizers along with soups, rolls are commonly accompanied with tangy Thai or Schezwan sauces.