Breville Sommelier Wine Decanter Unboxing And TEST

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Jun. 21, 2018

Pizza night at our house usually goes like this The pizza is ready, and then we realise that we havent picked out a wine, let alone open it or let it breathe. Now we have to admit we like wine, but we dont really know much about it. We just know what we like, and what we dont. But we have a healthy desire to learn and always be trying new things one of the things weve learned along the way is that decanting a wine before drinking it is always a great idea.
Winemaker after winemaker, sommelier after sommelier that weve interviewed has told us the same thing - decant the wine, let it breathe, and it will taste better.
But we never seem to do it.
Enter the Breville Sommelier - it takes an hour of decanting and compresses that to 1 minute. So for forgetful poor planners like us thats a great thing. It also means that if we have guests over and we want to pour a second, third, or fourth bottle on a whim we can give it a proper decant in minutes rather than waiting an hour or more for the perfect moment.
This is our initial test - more tests will follow where we do blind tasting of multiple wines.