Havana Club Vs. Havana Club- The Rum War With Blind Taste Test / Who Wins?

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May. 10, 2017

The Havana Club brand is owned by two separate companies: Bacardi and Pernod Ricard. Both have a recipe they call "Havana Club", both say they're the original Havana Club. Bacardi's version is made in Puerto Rico while Pernod Ricards brand is a collaboration with Cuba and made in Cuba.

Of course, this means Pernod Ricard doesn't have a Havana Club brand here in the US, but it's available around the rest of the world. The Havana Club brand may consider renaming their brand to get into the US (if we allow Cuban product in the near future), so look for Havanista.

Of course, you have a chance now to learn a bit about the history and hear a bit about the taste differences between them. Who Wins? We the people, we get them both!