Diwali Meal Menu Under 45 Minutes With Shan Ready Mixes

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Nov. 01, 2016

Just prepare the fresh ingredients, mix Shan Masala, Cook and Serve! It's that easy...Easy Cheats.... You don't have to slave over a hot stove all day to make a great recipes..... In fact, some of my best creations have started with ready mixes when I have very leas time in the kitchen, specially during winter, after coming from kids sports...

WARNING: I am used to eating spicy food but if you prefer mild food, add only half of the Masala than suggested on pack. This video is sponsored by Shan Food and I am so thankful to Shan for allowing to host the Diwali Dinner Menu. For some of us, Indian cooking is too elaborate and it is hard to measure, know and use the spices for different recipes and so the Shat Ready mixes make it easier to put the whole meal menu together with ease.