Try The World - Spain Review

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Dec. 16, 2015

Are you curious about the Try The World Boxes? Check out my box from Spain. There were many great products in this box.

Ines Rosales - Citrius crumble cakes. Thes are a traditional Spanish pastry flavored with cinnamon and lemon and filled with a cider cream. Espinaler - canned white tuna, this is a family company from Spain that is known for their amazing tuna. Serve this with crostini, or toss into a salad. El Navarrico - Made with ripe tomatoes, olive oil, fresh garlic and salt. Spread this over toast or serve as a dip. El Amendro - this turron is a popular holiday candy. Made with crushed almonds, this is crunchy and slightly sweet. P. listo - this is a floral jam. Serve with toast, cheese, or tea. El Avion - Smoked paprika adds a wonderful touch to seafood paella, deviled eggs. This vintage tin is adorable. Oleun Hispania - this extra-virgin olive oil is known to be one of the best olive oils from Spain. Olives are harvested from high-altitude orchards, and the olives are cold pressed.