Top Ten Restaurants San Diego

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Jan. 19, 2011

San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States and the second largest city in California. San Diego is popular for good restaurants and eateries. Here are the Top Ten Restaurants in San Diego.


Chianti is one among the best restaurants in San Diego. Here you will find difficulty in choosing the dish to eat from the delicious menu because there are so many options. This place is one of the top ten restaurants San Diego, and is known for friendly service and quality food at reasonable prices."fid":"541824","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"","title":"Chianti is one of the best restaurants in San Diego","style":"border-color: initial border-top-width: 2px border-right-width: 2px border-bottom-width: 2px border-left-width: 2px border-top-style: solid border-right-style: solid border-bottom-style: solid border-left-style: solid margin-left: 2px margin-right: 2px margin-top: 2px margin-bottom: 2px float: right width: 250px height: 280px ","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"

Royal India

Royal India has a prominent place in San Diego's best restaurants list. If you want to dine like kings and queens this place is a must. The one of the top ten restaurants San Diego serves authentic Northern Indian cuisine in a refreshing, elegant setting.

Opera café 

This reason why this place has become one of the top ten restaurants San Diego is because of its charismatic Master Chef  Roberto Bernardoni. This restaurant offers fresh Italian cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano.

Red Pearl Kitchen

The menu of this restaurant is one of the best in San Diego and offers, Dim Sum, Noodle and Curry dishes, Hot Pots and vegetarian options which are excellent as individual meals or shared, family style.  


Croces Restaurant Jazz Bar is full of contrasts that combine for a gratifying dining experience. From the sweet and savory blends throughout the menu to the elegant dining room flanked by the cozy jazz bar. This one of the best restaurants in San Diego draws a crowd for their Champagne jazz brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-2:30pm.


The Executive chef Ricardo Heredia of this place makes this restaurant as one among the best restaurants in San Diego. One of the famous dishes of this place is dried persimmon layered with drunken goat cheese and a Mexican shrimp perched on top.


Trulucks, is a newly started restaurant in the city. For those who are in search for an alternative to seafood can choose from a selection of seven steaks and chops roasted or grilled offered here. Trulucks offers a hundred wines by the sampling, the glass, and the bottle.

Buca di Beppo

The list of top ten restaurants San Diego is incomplete without this restaurant. This place offers flavorful and traditional Italian food. 

Asti Ristorante

This best restaurant of San Diego adds an urban touch, it showcases photos of the many celebrities who have enjoyed dining at Asti. The quality of food and atmosphere is accompanied with superb service.

Piatti Ristorante Bar

Piatti restaurants reflect the warm charm and welcoming atmosphere of a traditional Italian restaurant. This place offers flavorful cuisine and family friendly service.

So, above are some of the best restaurants in San Diego.

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