Cheese Puff

Cheese puff is a puffy and crunchy snack item made from puffed corn. Cheese puffs can be made in different shapes like balls, curls, abstract or irregular shapes or regular straight puffs. They can also be shaped in the form of animals or other objects. A desired shape can be achieved by passing heated corn dough through a mould. Cheese puff is coated with a mixture of cheese and flavored powder. It is very light and make for an excellent meal addition. They can also be served with drinks and are a perfect accompaniment.  It is very popular in the USA since it was invented in the continent in 1930’s.


History of Cheese Puffs

The history of cheese puff can be dated back to 1930’s. However, there seems to be some controversial claims made by two different manufacturers. One of the record states that Flakall Corporation of Wisconsin invented the cheese puff recipe. The other record states that Elmer Candy Corporation of Louisiana invented it.


Ingredients of Cheese Puff

This savory has very few ingredients, which are easily available. The base or dough is made from flour. Corn flour is most commonly used for this purpose. However, it can also be made with any other flour. The other ingredient is cheddar cheese and butter. Additional flavoring of spices is also added to the cheese puff recipe for taste.


Cheese Puff - Preparation and Serving Method

Cheese puffs are made in a machine. However, they can also be made at home, either baked or fried. The machine method uses extrusion technique to make these puffs. It may not be possible to use this technique at home. The homemade cheese puff is slightly different. The ingredients are to be mixed and small balls or abstract shapes are created out of the dough berfore baking them. It is served hot with Worcestershire sauce. Onion and garlic powder is sprinkled for additional flavoring on the cheese puff.


Health and Nutritional Value of Cheese Puff Recipe

Although cheese puffs are light and airy, they can be heavy when fried. The baked or machine made variant is relatively healthy. Here is the detailed nutritional value of Great Value cheddar cheese puff. One serving contains 160 calories and has 61 percent fat, 31 percent carbohydrates and 5 percent protein.


Popular Cheese Puff Recipe

There are many variants and the homemade puff offers great versatility. The corn flour dough can be mixed with additional ingredients like fresh vegetables or meat. Cheese puff gives a chance to be creative and add some more ingredients to create variety. This snack item makes for a perfect party dish. Cheese puff is fast to cook and tastes great.