How To Make Matzoh Bread Houses

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Jan. 31, 2011


Its passover and hence that time of the year again to make matzoh bread houses. Of course they can be bought but making matzoh bread houses is such a fun project and can keep children busy. The Matzoh bread can be bought and other than that you will only need a few household articles or some kitchen ingredients to make these miniature houses of unleavened bread. That is essentially what Matzoh bread is. It is bread that is not leavened i.e. the bread dough is not let to rise and get airy and fluffy with the use of leavening agents such as baking powder or yeast before or during baking. The result is a cracker like bread that is hard and not spongy like most other breads.

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Now back to making Matzoh bread houses. You will need:


Matzoh bread sheets

A card board box

A sheet of card board to serve as the base

Pastry bags

Melting chocolate


Masking tape

Assorted candy decorations


How to proceed: Remove the bottom of the card board box and fold it along the middle (not the diagonal). Open the flaps on the top of the box and paste the folded bottom to make a slanted roof. You can use more cardboard cut into triangles to cover the triangular gap formed due to the open top flaps on the front and the back. Place this house structure on to the card board sheet that you meant to use as the base. Melt chocolate and fill into pastry bags. Pipe some chocolate around the base of the house to secure it on the cardboard sheet. Apply chocolate to the sides and top of the house to stick on Matzoh bread pieces to complete the house. Pipe chocolate at the edges to cement the gaps between the bread sheets. Use the pastry bag to pipe doors, windows and roof tiles. The assorted candy can be used as lights or rocks in the yard. Use your imagination for other features you can add to the Matzohbread house such as cupcake liners as flower pots etc. This Matzoh bread house could also make a lively addition to the Seder or the Hanukkah table.

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